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Dialogue Builder

TTR-FAP Dialogue Builder

Your healthcare professionals are the most important source of information when it comes to your health. The Dialogue Builder can help you prepare for this conversation and make the most of your appointment. Use it to build a customized list of information and questions that you can bring to discuss with them.


If you are experiencing any combination of signs and symptoms of TTR-FAP, create your Dialogue Builder to use with your healthcare professional.

If you have been diagnosed with TTR-FAP, use the Dialogue Builder before each medical appointment to track your symptoms over time.


For each question in the Dialogue Builder, click on the statement that best describes what you want to discuss with your healthcare professional.

If any question or section does not apply, feel free to press the Skip button.

When you're finished, preview your Dialogue Builder. Print or save it for later. Please remember that this is not a formal diagnostic tool and does not replace a discussion with your healthcare professional.