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If you, a loved one, or a family member is experiencing a combination of signs and symptoms of TTR-FAP, early diagnosis can make a difference. The sooner a diagnosis is reached, the sooner you and your loved ones can get the support you need.

Please consider talking about the following topics:

  • Symptoms. Make sure to tell all your doctors about all your symptoms. You may be working with a number of different doctors to treat symptoms that could be related to TTR-FAP. It is critical to share all of your information with each doctor and not dismiss certain symptoms thinking they are unrelated or unimportant
  • Genetics. Let every healthcare professional you see know if a close relative has been diagnosed with TTR-FAP or has been disabled, had an unknown neurologic condition, or has, thinking back, developed signs and symptoms of TTR-FAP
  • Testing. Ask about the various testing options your healthcare professional may use to determine your risk for TTR-FAP

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