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TTR-FAP & Family Genetics

Familial Amyloidosis Neuropathy: TTR-FAP and Family Genetics

Family genetics are the main cause of TTR-FAP. This means that it can be inherited from either one of your biological parents, even if neither of them has developed signs or symptoms of the disease. For some patients, a family history can be helpful in getting an early diagnosis. That's why you should work closely with your doctor and always discuss diseases and symptoms your family members have experienced.

It is also possible for TTR-FAP to skip a generation (or more). For example, suppose one of your grandparents had the genetic mutation and had the disease. Then one of your parents inherited the genetic mutation from that grandparent, but did not develop TTR-FAP. Now, you may have inherited the genetic mutation and then may go on to develop the disease. If you have children, they may also inherit the genetic mutation and it's possible that they may develop TTR-FAP.

The chart below shows how the TTR gene can be inherited:

TTR-FAP Affected Carrier and Non Carrier Genetics Family Tree Diagram

If you think you or a biological family member has the TTR gene mutation that causes TTR-FAP, you should talk with your healthcare professional as soon as possible about genetic testing.